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Welcome to Trust Auto Group

TrustAuto car rental, trading, repair and travel companies under the company belonging to the Canadian group. Car rental business located in the Greater Richmond Richmond Road on the 3rd, Yaohan diagonally opposite, and convenient transportation.


Why Choose Us

Car Sales

The company’s leasing department with a large number of economic car, Minivan, and all kinds of SUV sport utility vehicle for short-term rental and provide free shuttle service to ensure that the city’s lowest price!

Car Rental

Car Dealers offers a variety of cars, sports cars, Minivan, SUVs and minivans. And sometimes even need only a phone call you want the model, we can easily find your favorite car.

We buy your car!

The company also offers high-priced cash to buy any vehicle services, we can come to see cars, to reach an agreement within 15 minutes to facilitate transactions faster and ensure higher than Trade In price, so that customers buy the rest assured that the sale of Shuxin over the years with good service, High-quality products and services in large temperature region of consumers, the market has won a good reputation, the accumulation of the superb popularity.

Trust Travel

Trust Travel will provide you with air ticketing, hotel reservations, local tourism, travel around the world, luxury cruise, and a variety of visa services. We will bring you the most professional, most intimate, the most comprehensive travel advice.

Collision Repairs

An accredited ICBC C.A.R Shop VALET. We can take care of all your ICBC needs, for example helping you submit all the necessary documents for your Claim, to ensure that everything is done properly and efficiently. We will even have a pick up and drop off service or if need be book one of our Courtesy Cars that you can use while your Vehicle is in our possession.